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Knowledge is foundational to experience. When we know better, we do better. Commonly, sub-optimal knowledge leads to sub-optimal actions, which leads to sub-optimal experiences such as sub-optimal health and wellbeing. When sub-optimal health is of concern, we commonly revert to our old ways of doing things - the very acts that got us into the situation in the first place. Obviously, this is optimal, and usually results in a worsening of conditions over time. It is therefore imperative to consider a new approach when old approaches have failed. 

We live in an ever increasing complex and toxic environment. We are bombarded daily with a host of factors that, realized or not, impact on our health and wellbeing. Industrial pollutants, heavy metals, GMO infused foods, toxic societal attitudes, stressed relationships, non-native electromagnetic frequencies (nnEMF) are but a few examples. These stressors play havoc with our normal physiologic processes at the cellular, tissue, organ and whole-self levels and cause dysfunction which then leads to dis-ease at each corresponding level. There is no doubt as to why the American public experiences the worst levels of wellness oriented outcomes despite America spending the highest percentage of GDP on medical science. Something is amiss with the current health care system.


About Us

What we do: We are two individuals who have been immersed in the medical field for our entire adult lives (we have 99+ years combined!). We have seen health trends come and go, but primarily we have witnessed the general trend of medical interventions resulting in less benefit and more cost for the average person, which, undoubtedly, you have also witnessed. We have a different approach. We teach, train, assist, and demonstrate to our patrons by example in highly efficient, low cost, proven interventions which increase resiliency, improve wellness, and impact immediately on one’s sense of wellbeing. We do site visits,  examine and point out environmental stressors in your home and/or work space, and teach you how to mitigate common stressors in your environment, Our patrons are motivated, engaged, and tired of taking a passive role in their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. So, if YOU ARE READDY, welcome to the Sunrise Wellness Sanctuary.


Why Sanctified healing?

Sanctified Healing allows you to assume more control of your health and wellbeing, rather than relinquishing control and responsibility to a government bureaucracy. Sanctified Healing will guide and assist you to increased your agency and wellbeing. Sanctified Healing will allow for increased self-awareness and self-confidence. Sanctified Healing allows for greater insight into life's stressors and how to mitigate them. Sanctified Healing will connect you with other like-minded individuals. Sanctified Healing is highly cost effective. Sanctified Healing will re-connect you with nature.

Panama City, Florida 


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